Do It Because You Get To

I have a post-it note hanging on the mirror in my bathroom. I put it there the night before I started my new job. A similar note used to hang beside my computer in my dorm room in college. It says “Do it because you get to, not because you have to.”

I heard that quote during my first few months of college, and it really struck a cord with me. Most of the things I complain about having to do, someone else would be grateful for. At the time it was having the opportunity to study at a great college, even when I didn’t want to crack my books that night. I often think of it when I don’t want to go to the grocery store, because as much as I hate grocery shopping, there are thousands of people in the world who would love to have my full stocked kitchen. Having a job in this economy? I know from months of both my husband and I searching,  it’s a blessing.

But at 4:45 on a cold Wednesday morning, it isn’t always easy to crawl out of bed with a good attitude. So when I stumble into the bathroom to brush my teeth, the post-it is there as a reminder. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

What you know in your head and what you live out in your attitude can sometimes be radically different. I’m noticing that in myself lately, more and more. Sometimes I feel like conviction comes like rain drops, little by little, almost unnoticeable, until enough of them finally convince you it’s raining. I’m admitting it – my attitude can use some work.

But as my post-it note experiment shows, it’s easier said than done. My “I’m going to have a good attitude about this” pep talk will inevitably wear off, especially when the daily monotony kicks in.

I think this needs to be one of my resolutions for 2013, to live life with a better attitude. I was not a fan of 2012. If I want 2013 to be different, I need to make changes in myself, because life will still be life.


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